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Welcome to the Official Town of Alburgh, Vermont
Municipal and Community Website

We are a special lakeside community providing a gateway to Vermont from New York and Canada. We invite all citizens, neighbors and visitors to use this information, help us enhance it, and make it more effective. We welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions:
(802) 796-3468

Office Hours
Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM

Dog licenses are due. Please bring in copy of current rabies certificate when registering. Prices are as follows per dog: $12 if neutered, $16 if intact.

Green Up Day is Saturday, May 2nd! You can best participate in this State-wide annual tradition by notifying the office which streets or roads, or parts of them, you're wanting to "green up" so we can coordinate which areas will have volunteers and which will not. Special bags for the occasion are available at the municipal office.

More to come!

Always consider safety first when near roadways. Keep children under supervision, wear bright clothing to stay visible, and gloves are highly recommended. If you suspect toxic or hazardous material, leave it, and notify the municipal office!

Board Documents

March 3, 2015 Town Meeting Results

Title 19, Vermont Statutes Annotated, Sections 1109-1110
Section 12 of Act 246
The intent is to protect our roads as the spring thaw makes them
vulnerable to damage by heavy truck traffic. All haulers are asked to plan
their routes and work to help ensure the protection of the Town roads.
The roads will be posted at the erection of the posted signs and will remain in effect
until the signs are removed. The following roads will be posted:

Boutah Rd. Lake St. Pauline Dr.
Bay Rd. Vantine Ave. Trestle Dr.
Line Rd. Creller Rd. Academy St.
Blair Rd. Haylde Rd. Prospect St.
Martell Rd. Blue Rock Rd. Foxhill Rd.
East Alburgh Rd. Center Bay Rd. Peterson Pl.
Greenwoods Rd. Carpenter Ln. Jarvis Ln.
Littlewoods Rd. Middle Rd. Winters Ln.
Christopher Rd. Summit Rd. Missile Base Rd.
Windmill Pt. Coon Point Rd. Milk St.
Champlain St. Poor Farm Rd. Firehouse Rd.
Carle St. Sand Beach Rd. Industrial Park Rd.
Sowles St. Winters Lane Ext.

Important Deadlines:
April 1 - Dog Licensing
April 10 - Town Property Taxes
3/20, 6/20, 9/20, 12/10 - Water/Sewer Bills
November 20 - Village Property Taxes

Dog Ordinance

Noise Ordinance

Sign Ordinance

Water Ordinance

Litter Ordinance

Animal Control
: Joan Krizer at 518-944-0526 or Jen Hebert at 802-796-3026